Best Available Grid Reference Data

AFD’s expert Data Teams have spent the last year improving both the quantity and quality of existing grid reference data, and how quickly new postcodes have grids added to them.

A combination of utilising the best available data sources and AFD’s analysis to correct a few anomalies in those data sources, has resulted in reducing the gap between new postcodes being provided with grids from between two and four months down to a month!

Not only has the time-lag in updating the data been reduced, but the coverage of our data is now even more comprehensive and the quality higher due to our increased investment in data sources.

We have been able to deliver improvements to existing grid data, accurate grids for most parts of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man (which previously only had grids at village or town level), and our Northern Ireland data enhancements have demonstrated a 6% uplift!

AFD’s Geocode API helps organisations that rely on accurate address and location data by appending property level grids to address data already held. You can see how this functionality works in the screenshot to the right or read more at

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