Any Application, No Integration

Imagine a rapid, accurate address entry solution that needs no integration to work with any Windows application – yet it works seamlessly. Just type the postcode or partial address into the program and the address appears.

That is what AFD Software’s patented Robot® is proven to deliver in the workplace every day by many thousands of users.

No Developers Needed?!
AFD Software Technical Manager Chris Edge-Alexander explains: “There is no need to wait for development resources to integrate. With Robot, AFD solutions work seamlessly with a multitude of applications.”

When people first hear about this they are often incredulous. It sounds impossible. In these cases the simplest thing to do is to prove it by installing it.

What do customers say?
“What I like is that AFD’s Robot works independently of the database. It runs automatically with all the systems and software packages our staff use each day. From an old but essential Patient Administration System (which would be hard to integrate with), to the systems we use in Accident & Emergency and Audiology – right through to Microsoft Office.

In the past we have had two different address validation solutions. One didn’t work at all and the other required users to start a separate program, look up an address and then insert it into our system.

What our staff like is that with AFD Robot they can type a postcode or partial address into any software application and the address will appear in the right place and in the right format. It makes their life easier, not harder – so they use it. We get accurate address data which improves the service we are offering to the patients in our care, and best of all we have achieved this without incurring any integration costs.”

Frank McIntyre – Application Manager at Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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