AFD Software: GDPR Approved

Just over a month has passed since the General Data Protection Regulation became law around Europe. I’m sure you have received enough emails containing the subjects; “GDPR” “opt-in” and “subscribe” to last a lifetime! Many of these coming from organisations you had never previously heard of or remember giving any details to.

At AFD, we took the approach to work on our data validation solutions behind the scenes, ensuring that they and all their users were compliant with the new law. We felt this approach would have real value and effectiveness without needing to bombard all our customers with yet more GDPR emails. If we’ve achieved our objective – and thanks to some hard work over the past couple of years – you’ll hardly have noticed the significant changes we’ve had to make!

Perhaps the most significant part of this process was to change the data update process for our Names & Numbers product by providing free weekly suppressions to deal with data subjects who wish to opt out of our data streams. Under the new regulations, any individual who chooses to exercise their right to have their personal data removed (suppressed from data) must have their request met within a one-month timeframe. Your latest Names & Numbers update will have taken care of this obligation on our products – and on you as a data processor – and has been done behind the scenes, at no additional charge.

As always, if you would like friendly advice from a real human being with a name – and the knowledge and skill to help you – do get in touch with me, Oliver Lenihan, Head of Customer Services by email or on 01624 811711.

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