AFD Maps, Geocode, Geolocate, Boundary data
and Enhanced Nearest

Our exciting new developments around mapping, geolocation, geocoding and nearest functionality are helping organisations speed up the process and providing the optimal route to get their customers to the right location. Geolookup functionality allows a customer to enter the full address of their current location with one button press, ideal for customers on mobile devices with fiddly keyboards.

Drive time and drive distance calculations are increasing in use as organisations look to plan routes with optimal time and route efficiency for deliveries. AFD Maps calculates a route, drive time and drive distance based on the origin and destination address data entered (A-B) or a list of specified addresses (waypoints). Optimal waypoint order can be enabled taking a list of addresses and suggesting the best route with an origin and destination. Maximising efficiency for both fuel and driver time when completing the journey.

Identifying the closest delivery address to your current location by harnessing the GPS in your computer or mobile device, allows accurate address information to be entered with one-touch or button press.

From the customer’s latitude and longitude, AFD’s geolocation API returns the correct address, in the correct format, at lightning speed. Manual entry of data is removed, a full PAF matched address is provided at the touch of a button, reducing cart abandonment and delivering many other efficiencies.

Geocoding is the process of appending latitude and longitude to an address to better understand its physical location, helping visualise data and better understand how to reach delivery points. AFD’s geocode API provides latitude and longitude coordinates at the property level, providing a pinpoint location of an address on your chosen mapping tool.

Geospatial data allows organisations to not only understand property boundaries but also the correct address linked to that boundary based on the best available data sources.

Enhanced Nearest
“Where is my nearest?” is a question often asked on the websites of organisations with multiple locations including; restaurants, cinemas and retail stores. The facility allows a customer to enter their postcode, click a button and be given the branch address closest to the address provided.

Currently included with our property level address validation solution Postcode Plus, the Nearest facility uses the grid references supplied to calculate the approximate linear distances between postcodes.

Enhanced Nearest allows distance calculations to be returned in three ways: ‘As the Crow Flies’, drive distance, and drivetime.

Commited to the future
As an organisation, we remain as committed as ever to continuing to serve our customers and to help them overcome their data challenges.

With such a range and wealth of experience within our team we are equipped to serve organisations of any size with data validation and cleansing solutions, on any platform within any system.

A key objective of the organisation is to “make happy customers”. Here at AFD we are determined to meet this objective, retain our identity and culture and continue to serve all our customers well into the future.


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