AFD Delivers Key Data

Speaking about the key role AFD has in British Logistics, AFD Group Managing Director David Dorricott states; “Since more products like food, medicines and supplies are being delivered direct, our technologies are even more vital and important than ever. We can make our very special contribution to the stability and reliability of the supply chain, by continuing to provide excellent data products and services, and supporting them fully throughout what we believe will be a very long period of disruption.

The Postcode Address File shows a fast-moving landscape – for example with new facilities brought on stream to help the NHS cope. Over 32,000 new delivery points were added to the PAF data used by over 40,000 organisations in the space of a month. In late March, with everything else going on, our dedicated staff team at AFD worked through the night to get that data out on time, fully checked and verified. They are remarkable.”

AFD plays a key role in serving the United Kingdom in working with the Royal Mail to update the Postcode Address File (PAF) and deliver it to all users. New data is processed every month, producing a suite of files from optical character recognition data for Royal Mail sorting machines through to multiple-residency details and geolocated addresses down to a 1 metre level of accuracy.

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