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Sort out problem address lists, with minimum effort. No need for complex import and export processes. Develop clean, reliable, consistent databases and de-duplicate address lists. Add extra data like grid references to your database. Interactive and Automatic batch cleaning.

Refiner® is a proven "Quality First" High Yield batch and interactive Address List Cleansing tool to transform address data. Refiner cleans, de-duplicates, re-formats and geo-codes address data. Refiner solves the real address data problems which hamper profitable business and damage the marketing industry.

It’s easy to trash good data with sloppy matching routines, so Refiner delivers results, fast - but never compromises on reliability and quality. The "Easy Access" design appeals to ordinary users looking for top automated match rates. Whatever format your data is in and whatever format you want your data to be in - Refiner offers data flexibility.

Refiner is based on the renowned Postcode Plus engine, which contains full Royal Mail PAF data - covering all 31,254,411 letterbox locations. On average users can expect to automatically clean over 50,000 records per hour using Refiner.

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Business Benefits

  • Corrects partial, incorrect or outdated postcodes
  • Eliminates poor spelling
  • Adds missing info, removes unwanted info
  • Standardises capitalisation
  • Prepares and re-formats address data for new systems
  • Gets address data ready to merge with different databases
  • Identifies duplicate records ready for removal
  • Appends grid references for "where’s my nearest" services
  • Cleanses records originally entered without PAF validation
  • Quarterly data updates enable ageing data to stay "fresh"
  • Maximum automated match rates for efficiency

Refiner offers all the benefits of Postcode Plus. In addition Refiner will help you improve customer service, protect your brand, raise quality perception of your organisation, reduce post bills, cut waste and deliver the goods.

Lost post loses customers, duplicates alienate them and poor spelling antagonises them. These problems are compounded when historically separated databases need to be merged or new lists are bought. Sometimes new computer systems or uses require data to be re-formatted completely or for extra data to be appended. To solve these issues Refiner will enable you to clean, de-duplicate, re-format and append easily and quickly.

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Refiner works with the data you have - not the data we wish you had:

  • Visual, flexible attachment of your data to Royal Mail Data
  • Uses full Royal Mail PAF® based address data cleansing
  • Handles awkward input data structures
  • Totally flexible data output structures
  • Accepts wide variety of database formats
  • Supports ODBC Connectivity
  • Customises with totally flexible output data structures
  • Comprehensive reports

Refiner delivers top match rates not erroneous ones:

  • Handles apartments and flats with ease
  • Uses Postally Not Required locality names
  • Corrects "mistypes" without mismatching
  • Displays ambiguous results for easy user selection
  • Support for Postcode / Town and Locality changes

Refiner offers choice:

  • Options for street and/or letterbox level matching
  • Geo-coding - adds grid references to postcode data fast
  • Attach mode - adds any Postcode Plus data set to your database
  • Marks records for easy duplication
  • Improves addresses which cannot be PAF cleansed

Refiner replaces doubt with confidence:

  • 35 years address management experience poured into one product
  • Fast - but quality and reliability come first
  • Years of dialogue with database managers
  • Full and free technical support

What File Formats are supported?

Refiner supports ASCII text and most database environments including all those accessible through ODBC (including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.), Microsoft Access, dBase, FoxPro and Paradox.

System Requirements

Refiner requires approx 450 Mb fixed disk space for a full installation, 305 Mb without maps. It works with and is supported on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP. There is a Refiner API available for Windows. Please call for details.

Data Included with Refiner

  • Organisation
  • Property
  • Street
  • Locality
  • Town
  • County (Postal, Traditional, Optional, Abbreviated or Administrative)
  • Postcode
  • DPS (Delivery Point Suffix)
  • STD Codes
  • Grid Easting and Northing
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Mailsort Code
  • Household Count
  • Bartholomew Maps
  • Local or Unitary Authority
  • Ward Code
  • Constituency
  • T.V. Region (not company)
  • NHS Code / NHS Area / NHS Region Code / NHS Region Name
  • European Electoral Region (EER) Code and Name
  • Local Education Authority (LEA) Code and Name
  • Lower and Middle level Super Output Area (SOA)
  • Primary Care Trusts (PCT)
  • Occupancy / Address type indicator
  • Censation™ Geodemographic Data
  • AFD Just Built
  • UDPRN (Unique Delivery Point Reference Number - BS7666)

Data in AFD Refiner is sourced from the Royal Mail.

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