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Refiner® is a proven "Quality First" High Yield batch and interactive Address List Cleansing tool to transform address data. Refiner cleans, de-duplicates, re-formats and geo-codes address data. Refiner solves the real address data problems which hamper profitable business and damage the marketing industry.

It’s easy to trash good data with sloppy matching routines, so Refiner delivers results, fast - but never compromises on reliability and quality. The "Easy Access" design appeals to ordinary users looking for top automated match rates. Whatever format your data is in and whatever format you want your data to be in - Refiner offers data flexibility.

Refiner is based on the renowned Postcode Plus engine, which contains full Royal Mail PAF data - covering all 28.5 million letterbox locations. On average users can expect to automatically clean over 50,000 records per hour using Refiner.

Business Benefits:

Refiner offers all the benefits of Postcode Plus. In addition Refiner will help you improve customer service, protect your brand, raise quality perception of your organisation, reduce post bills, cut waste and deliver the goods.

Lost post loses customers, duplicates alienate them, poor spelling antagonises them. These problems are compounded when historically separated databases need to be merged or new lists are bought. Sometimes new computer systems or uses require data to be re-formatted completely or for extra data to be appended. To solve these issues Refiner will enable you to clean, de-duplicate, re-format and append easily and quickly.

How Refiner Sorts Problem Address Data

FREE Data Health Check

AFD provide an expert "no obligation" insight into address data quality free of charge. Simply submit your address records to the secure health check service and receive a comprehensive, confidential report on how it can be improved. FREE Data Health Check

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