Benefits of Address Validation

Adding address validation to your website for customers or internal systems for staff use has multiple benefits:


How long does it take to type your address?

Using a keyboard it took 16 seconds to type:

18 Weatherhill Rise

The same address took 23 seconds on a mobile device.

Luckily, address lookup and address validation means the same address can be found by just entering the postcode and selecting the house number or typing the house number then the postcode.

Customers are used to a fast online checkout experience, adding between 16 and 23 seconds to this journey can cause potential sales to not complete.


Speed is one aspect, but accuracy is essential if you want your goods or services to reach the customer.

Time it takes to enter details will be dwarfed in customer annoyance if an order doesn’t reach them, has to be returned and resent!

Using address verification at the point of entry ensures only accurate addresses can be selected.


Storing data in multiple formats can lead to a multitude of issues.

If a decision is taken to move systems data could be lost during exports and imports

Mail and parcel labels lead to customers asking “why does my address look like that?” when they receive their delivery.

By having controls in place to validate address data is accurate, also ensures address formatting is consistent.

GDPR approved

A key part of GDPR confirms “Personal data shall be: (d) accurate” Address data is personal data when it is entered along with a customer’s name. Postcode lookup and address lookup helps facilitate accuracy of persona data and meet the regulations.  


Organisations wanting to identify their “ideal customers” to upsell to or find prospective customers that match their characteristics will struggle if analysis is based on inaccurate or missing data.

The Postcode People at AFD Software have nearly 40 years’ experience helping thousands of organisations get address data accurate. A combination of; the best team with 450 years of combined experience, the best data sources utilising in house, Royal Mail PAF and Ordnance Survey (OS) Address Base within the best solutions make AFD the ideal choice as your partners in address and data quality.

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