Multi-Channel Retail

We are almost all used to the idea of multi-channel retail. Click and collect, order in-store for delivery at home or at work, receive a catalogue by post then order by telephone. The combinations are designed to appeal to our preferences and life-styles. In each place, on each platform you will find AFD solutions ensuring that carts and queues are not abandoned but making address data faster and more accurate.

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Fast, Accurate Address Entry

Address accuracy is the backbone of better service, customer retention, and enhanced reputation.

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Name and Address Validation

Want to find people and organisations, improve marketing, reduce fraud and recover more debt?

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Cleanse Address Databases

Cleanse up to 90% of records in a single automated pass, for more matches use our powerful interactive features.

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Check Bank & Card Details

Entry of bank, account and card details is error prone. Prevent errors, take more business and get the cash faster.

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Validate Global Addresses

Solve global delivery and database nightmares. With the best data, specialist knowledge and address formats for 240 nations into one solution.

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Tailored Solutions

Our boffins find advanced solutions to complex data needs for organisations like AXA, Royal Mail and DPD. We can do the same for you…

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