Charities and NFP

Hundreds of Charities and Not for Profit (NFP) organisations strengthen supporter relationships by using AFD solutions. Duplicate records are prevented and weeded out, supporters can be segmented into supporter types and donor addresses are accurate. All this leaves more money for the central cause and sends the message that you care. Every year, new organisations are turning to AFD Postcode solutions to work with internal and third party applications. The results include personal, professional image, more reliable automated payment processing, lower mailing costs and lower overall costs.

Case Studies


Fast, Accurate Address Entry

Address accuracy is the backbone of better service, customer retention, and enhanced reputation.

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Name and Address Validation

Want to find people and organisations, improve marketing, reduce fraud and recover more debt?

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Cleanse Address Databases

Cleanse up to 90% of records in a single automated pass, for more matches use our powerful interactive features.

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Check Bank & Card Details

Entry of bank, account and card details is error prone. Prevent errors, take more business and get the cash faster.

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Validate Global Addresses

Solve global delivery and database nightmares. With the best data, specialist knowledge and address formats for 240 nations into one solution.

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Tailored Solutions

Our boffins find advanced solutions to complex data needs for organisations like AXA, Royal Mail and DPD. We can do the same for you…

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