AFD WorldAddress

AFD WorldAddress will quickly validate international addresses on the desktop, network or internet.

WorldAddress is an ideal extension to the AFD Postcode UK range.

You don't need specialist knowledge of complex international address formats.

Covering 250 countries, the solution is truly global. The depth of data varies from full property level to just the name of the town or region.

AFD WorldAddress avoids the cost and intricacy of widely differing license arrangements by making the international option available via its proven online hosted service

AFD Internet Products are licensed for use on your public Internet Website, for the entry or checking of information only by your customers. The License does NOT permit the use or display of The AFD Product on Intranet sites, Extranet Websites, Private Networks, Websites not your own, Websites for which any Fee (or payment in kind) is charged, nor for access to The Product from your own Computers. Please seek further advice if you are unsure about licensing AFD Internet Products by contacting one of our specialists on 01624 811711.

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Business Benefits

  • Rapid accurate validation of international addresses.
  • Maintain and enhance your reputation when trading across borders.
  • Bring quality to the fulfilment of international orders.
  • Make it easy for staff to enter data consistently.
  • No need to understand complicated international formatting conventions.
  • Will fit into a UK database address format.
  • Helps ensure complete, accurate addresses.
  • Easy to format for use on labels and letters.
  • Consistent Address Database Structure.


  • Comprehensive international address management.
  • Covers 250 nations.
  • Fast integration into existing Desktop and Server based Applications.
  • Continues to fit within single AFD API structure Data updated quarterly.
  • Free source code examples and Software Developers Kit.

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