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AFD Postcode  

Postcode provides easy access to fast, accurate address entry - from just the postcode. Works in almost any DOS or Windows application: type in a postcode and the address appears! Use Postcode to look up incomplete addresses from Street and Town, even if you don't know the spelling. Full programming interface included.
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AFD Postcode Plus  
Postcode Plus

Find a full address from any fragment - lightning fast. A host of extra data - INCLUDED. Quickly print labels and envelopes (including Royal Mail Barcode). Easy transfer of addresses to everyday applications. Powerful easy to use API for programmers.
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AFD Names and Numbers  
Names & Numbers

Electoral Roll verification, Business names and Phone numbers. Uses are immense. Fraud reduction, integration with CLI, keystrokes for data entry reduced by well over 80%. A wealth of additional Electoral Roll and Business and Address related data included. Easy transfer of data to applications. Easy integration and generous data license conditions.
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AFD Refiner  

Sort out problem address lists, with minimum effort. No need for complex import and export processes. Develop clean, reliable, consistent databases. Add extra data like grid references to your database. Interactive and Automatic batch cleaning.
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AFD BankFinder  

Automated banking is rapidly increasing. BankFinder prevents errors, highlights fraud and speeds up the collection of data needed for Direct Debits, Standing Orders, Credit & Debit card payments etc. It's ready for use where it matters - in call centres, on web forms, in retail stores - for local government, utilities and charities... Wherever BankFinder is used, the result is better customer service, sound financial administration, improved accuracy, lower reject rates and lower costs.
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AFD Plotter  

Postcode Plotter adds Ordnance Survey grid references to the data delivered by Postcode. It's ideal for use with computer mapping systems.
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AFD TraceMaster  

TraceMaster builds on the success of Names & Numbers which is used extensively in the financial services, credit management, security, tracing and debt recovery industries. TraceMaster makes it easy to access current and historic electoral roll data by making it possible to track the movement of individuals and organisations over time. It contains a comprehensive reference to UK names, addresses and telephone numbers from 2002 to the present time.
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AFD MailSaver  

Mail 1,000+ packets or 4,000+ letters at one time and MailSaver will help save you money. MailSaver's step-by-step process sorts, reports and prints all that's necessary for Royal Mail Bulk Mail Services. Advertising Mail, Sustainable Advertising Mail Publishing Mail, Business Mail, Big Book and Heavyweight with options for Low Sort OCR, Barcode and High Sort are all included. MailSaver has been fully tested by the Royal Mail to ensure it meets stringent requirements.
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AFD ZipAddress  

Over one hundred million addresses in the United States form one of the largest and certainly the most attractive markets on earth. ZipAddress gives you lightning fast access to the entire United States Postal Service (USPS) - affordably. Use it with everyday applications or integrate it seamlessly using the developer tools provided.
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AFD ListMaker  

ListMaker makes it possible to select and export any of the organisations and addresses contained in the Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF®).
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