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MailSaver provides an easy, step-by-step approach to processing most databases to obtain the maximum Royal Mail Bulk Mail discount.

By directly attaching to common data file formats, the confusion of import and export is eliminated.

The updating of the live data files with results data and SSC codes means total flexibility of use.

MailSaver’s easy-to use label printing facility supports most label formats - and provides high-quality labels, complete with the Royal Mail Customer Barcode when required.

Business Benefits:

What mailsort options are supported?

Advertising Mail

Sustainable Advertising Mail

Publishing Mail

Business Mail

Big Book



Sortation Methods

Low Sort OCR

Low Sort Barcode

Low Sort Mailmark

High Sort

Classes of Mail

1st Class

2nd Class


What File Formats are supported?

MailSaver supports ASCII text and most database environments including all those accessible through ODBC (including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.), Microsoft Access, dBase, Clipper, FoxPro and Paradox.

Does MailSaver meet Royal Mail standards?

Yes, it does. The Royal Mail has awarded AFD Software a Certificate of Quality Achievement in respect of Address management, DPS Allocation, and Barcode Printing & Reducing Sortation.

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