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USA Goal keeper Tim Howard set a World Cup record in Brazil by making 16 saves in a single match. He is skilled, alert, focused - and exposed to the gaze of the world.

In Postcode News you can read how Parkdean Holidays are using the gaze of the world to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty to new levels.

What role do AFD Software solutions have to play and how could your organisation benefit? Also, find out how the Postcode evolved and read how the AFD Group is to invest £1 million in IT training.


Attending the world cup in Brazil this year may have been a holiday dream (or nightmare!) but there are options closer to home. Parkdean Holidays employs 550 permanent and 2000 seasonal staff, own and run 24 UK holiday parks, 3,500 caravans and in January, reported annual group revenue of £125 million. They regularly receive industry awards – winning the British Travel Awards "Best UK Holiday Park Operator" in 2013 and are investing heavily in the parks.


Competition and Marketing

The UK holiday market is highly competitive. A wide variety of marketing activity is used to build new business and maximise repeat business. These include joint promotions with national newspapers, activity on the holiday parks and TV advertising. Bill Brown is Reservations Systems Manager at Parkdean: "There is also investment in paid-for and organic online search to drive customers to our web site. Now 48% of business is booked online and we use AFD Postcode Plus to make booking faster for the customer and more accurate for us."


Transparency and Satisfaction

Competition isn't just about awareness it's about customer satisfaction, and Parkdean have made customer feedback transparent. Reevoo enables customers to complete and publically publish post-holiday feedback - open to the gaze of the world. Bill continues: "This sounds risky, but actually it enables us to harness the voice of the customer through an independent, validated survey. The reviews build customer confidence at each stage of the holiday journey, drive change in our business and both protect and build our reputation."


Accuracy and Insight

In this competitive, transparent context customer data quality, speed of capture, cleansing and analysis are essential. Bill concludes: "We have over 2 million people on our database and send out over 500,000 brochures. Postage pricing depends on accurate data, and customer satisfaction is about getting details right. Also, by appending TV Regions and Censation Geodemographic Classifications to each record we can better select the right data and deliver higher levels of management insight. AFD Refiner helps us to minimise postage costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve analysis and selection."


Avoiding Delays, Frustration & Disappointment

Claire Phipps manages the 50 seat contact centre and sums up her key goal and how AFD Software helps her to achieve: "We have peak times for inbound calls from 9-10AM and 5-7PM. My goal is a 5 minute conversation with all essential contact information captured in just 10 seconds, leaving the rest of the time to talk about the holiday.

If we didn't have AFD Postcode, call duration would go up, I'd risk losing calls, increase the risk of duplicating customer records, waiting times would be longer and customers would be disappointed. We would also have to decipher place names like Merthyr Tydfil! There is a cost when the customer waits – frustrated callers are simply less likely to buy – with AFD Postcode we serve customers faster and better."





































How to make your business more exciting... and save more and make more

Imagine a town that has many streets with the same name and it is down to local knowledge to work out where letters should be delivered. That sums up the situation in London around 160 years ago when Sir Rowland Hill proposed London be divided into Postal Districts within a 12 mile radius using compass points E for East, EC for East Central, SE for South East etc.

By 1858 London Postal Districts were established and gradually rolled out to other major towns (e.g. M for Manchester, C for Cardiff, G for Glasgow) in the years and decades that followed. Among the first to implement was Liverpool where the districts included L1, L2, L3 etc.

The industrial revolution caused a surge in both population and the volume of mail which particularly affected London. This growth gave birth to the development of the postcode.

Postcodes were trialled in 1959 in Norwich and the postcode format we see today was first used in Croydon in 1966 - the year England won the World Cup! Nationwide coverage was finished eight years later in 1974.

From about 1850 to 1974 (124 years) the postcode was in the making and in its current form, on average, a single postcode identifies 15 letter boxes. It has now been in universal use in the UK for 40 years and extends way beyond the delivery of mail. Postcodes provide a key geographic foundation to the NHS, Education, Local and National Government, a basis for geodemographics mapping, business organisation and analysis.

Happy 40th Birthday to the British Postcode.














The AFD Group, along with other Isle of Man based and international businesses, is seeking to invest in the next generation of the island's talented ICT workforce.

Recently announcing its investment of £1 million in the Private Sector project, AFD is helping to establish a high quality Isle of Man Information Communications Technology University centre – to be operated by the Manx Education Foundation. This helps to fulfil a key AFD objective which is to provide high quality employment and learning opportunities for staff and help them to grow in skills and as people. On-the-job training in the form of student placements in local businesses during non-term times, will enable students to gain real world experience that the classroom or lecture hall is unable to deliver.

AFD Group Managing Director David Dorricott says: "One of the exciting things about the project is that the students will have good academic rigour – backed by Lancaster University and supported by global IT firms Hewlett Packard and Huawei. AFD Software's investment has enabled the minimum £12.5 million target to be achieved."










AFD Software identifies the estimated date on which a property has been built. This data enables organisations to contact occupants when they are more likely to be in the market for purchasing (say) furniture, garden products, electrical appliances, insurance and financial services.

How much does AFD Just Built cost? Nothing at all to AFD Postcode Plus and Names & Numbers customers – it's included free of charge!






Neville's career began in commercial stationery, moved to radio program production and presentation and then through a series of roles in sales, marketing and commercial partnerships. He is now Sales & Marketing Director at AFD Software where he has been on the senior management team for over 10 years.

Neville has 17 year old twins and although he puts in many hours at AFD, he also enjoys a fulfilling life outside work with family and friends. He also finds time to study for a degree in theology, play bass guitar, be on three trust boards and teach his son to drive! He lives in Yorkshire and loves real ale, good curry and international travel.







For the last 40 years we have enjoyed the logic of the postcode (see 'How old is the Postcode?' article). The AFD postcode range of address management software has helped organizations for over 30 years – shortly after the birth of the Windows PC. During this time we have come across a fair few Postcodes (today there are 1,744,422), here is a collection of some memorable ones:

  • SW1A 1AA - Buckingham Palace (the Monarch)
  • SW1A 2AA – 10 Downing Street
  • W1B 1DJ - BBC Radio 1 (disc jockey)
  • E98 1TT - The Times newspaper
  • DH98 1BT – British Telecom
  • EC4Y 0HQ - Royal Mail Group Ltd headquarters

Use AFD Software's powerful Names and Numbers solution to reference UK names, addresses and telephone numbers for your organisation.


In response to feedback from several customers, and in order to avoid any misunderstandings of Jurisdiction and Law, AFD is making a couple of changes to the License Agreements with its customers.

From 30th July 2014 AFD Software the legal jurisdiction of its licence agreements is changing from the Isle of Man Law and Court system to English Law and the English Court system. In regard to Intellectual Property and Contract law, the two systems are extremely similar, so we do not expect there to be any change to the way in which you are licensed to use our products. If you have any queries regarding this change please contact us. AFD will assume acceptance of all customers who continue to use AFD products after this date.





Over the past three months there have been significant updates to data on the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). These include 50 new localities; 6,486 new postcodes; 101,963 new delivery points and 36,520 delivery point changes.

These are all included in our latest Q.3/14 update which is
now available. The Q.3/14 Names & Numbers is due for release in September. You can order updates for any AFD solution by calling 01624 811711 or email



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