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When you are determined to win, everything counts. In just three years Formula One racing is radically different – faster acceleration, greater efficiency, improved safety and doubled longevity. At the heart of this transformation is innovation driven by learning – not visible – but very real.

AFD Software produce solutions for the rapid accurate entry of Name, Address and Bank data. These solutions are designed from the ground up to work right inside the applications that matter – the ones you use every day.

A wide range of proven developer tools minimise integration time. But we asked what if it could be even faster... simpler? With the launch of the latest version of the patented AFD Robot® – it is. We think it's Simply Beautiful Technology!


Is your organisation changing the applications it uses? Is it adding new applications? Does your organisation want to join the hundreds switching to AFD Software for rapid Name, Address and Bank data entry and validation? Do you want to minimise the cost of change and maximise the benefits? Do you have legacy or closed systems for which you cannot request integration or change?

If your answer to any of these questions is "Yes" then read on while we explain a unique patented solution that makes implementing AFD Software solutions faster and easier than ever before.

We have launched a major upgrade to Robot®. The original version detects a postcode entered into any Windows® desktop application but usually required some initial setting up. The new version normally requires no set-up at all and has desktop, web and API versions.


What does Robot do?

Robot enables you to have essential rapid, validated data entry for internal staff and external site visitors – without consuming scarce technical and development resources.


What you can do now

You may be an existing user of the original Robot. If so, you don't need to do anything! You may be new to AFD Software or want to do new things. Either way, why not simply ask us to show you how the new Robot works? Call Oliver Lenihan on 01624 811711 or email


Just drop 2 lines of code into your desktop, server, web application or web site – job done. Of course all our other integration methods are still supported including .Net API, Java API, C/C++, DLL and XML or JSON web service delivery. If you do not have control over the website you are integrating with, Proxy integrations and even Browser plugins are available.


Robot silently waits for a user to type a postcode into any Windows application. Then it works out where the returned address details should go and inserts them. You do nothing! Where additional data is required, Robot is easy to tailor to suit unusual or special requirements. It can also be used to validate bank sort code and account numbers from within your application.

If you are using a Windows desktop program you do not need to be technical to install and use Robot. Once installed, it's designed to just work.


Just visit the Robot page on our website


































How to make your business more exciting... and save more and make more

How do you get to a place of confidence about your address data? Sintons have been on the journey. This is their story.

Sintons is a leading full-service law firm based in the North East of England serving businesses, individuals and organisations in the region and beyond. With a turnover of £18 million, Sintons has 250 employees including 30 partners and over 100 lawyers and is utilising AFD Software solutions as part of a fundamental change to data management.
How are they doing this?


Excellence, Accuracy and Effective Communication

"If you are going to communicate effectively with clients and prospective clients – then excellence and accuracy are essential. We know that address data changes over time and because we have a large, loyal and growing customer base we knew a thorough clean-up was required" says Charles Penn, Head of Marketing.

With many thousands of records needing attention it was important to automate as much of the process as possible. It was recognised that there would be a need for manual intervention and the right tools would be necessary to assist staff.

Charles continued: "AFD Refiner offered us the best of both worlds – the highest levels of automated cleansing and the ability to add human intelligence to powerful software to get to the end result as quickly as possible. Operating in a highly regulated environment, Refiner has given us a new level of confidence in the accuracy of our data and our ability to deliver excellent client service."


Searching and Cost Savings

David Mather, IT Manager at Sintons, really likes the way that AFD Postcode Plus enables them to achieve so much at once:

"We communicate daily with insurance companies and other law firms. The inclusion of DX Network member address details makes it easy for us to reduce postage costs and because DX deliver before 9 and collect after 5, the working day is extended - enhancing our response times to clients."

"Difficult addresses, regional accents, poor handwriting – the things that lead to inaccuracy – are easily and quickly resolved with the powerful search functions of AFD Postcode Plus… and these are fully integrated into the applications used intensively by our staff... the win is less staff time, better data and therefore service assurance."

"We previously had to conduct data updates out of work hours and reboot the server. With AFD Postcode Plus Evolution these updates are automatic and maintenance-free – so scarce technical resource can be allocated elsewhere without compromising data quality".


Mobile Process Improvement

Sintons is embracing mobile technology as a key way to empower staff, freeing them from routine tasks to focus on client need. Jonathan Punton, specialist IT Support Analyst at Sintons explains:

"Parts of our business acquire new customers outside the office environment. We have developed our own Android application which minimises data entry time while maximising the quality of data entered. Our team is free from cumbersome paperwork and able to focus more fully on the prospective clients' needs. The Android version of AFD Postcode Plus is part of a considered strategy to strengthen our business with mobile technology. It plays a significant role in reducing data entry from 5 minutes to 30 seconds."

The process efficiency is now resulting in increased acquisition of new, valuable clients. Sintons now has a system in place that prevents any user inputting an incorrect address and a wider understanding of how important this is in order to maintain the highest levels of data integrity.

How could AFD Software benefit your organisation?






















On 5th November 1605 bonfires burned across England to celebrate the safety of King James I and the failure of the Gunpowder Plot which aimed to kill him. Over 400 years later we are still celebrating Bonfire Night with, well… bonfires, fireworks, and burning effigies of failed conspirator Guy Fawkes! The plot was planned in the gatehouse of the Manor House in Ashby St Ledgers. It didn't have a postcode then – but it does now: CV23 8UN.

Many British addresses carry historic references.
Could any of these be related to Bonfire Night?

  • Bonfire Corner, Portsmouth, PO1 3FN
  • Firework Close, Bristol, BS15 4LT
  • Gunpowder Cottage, Roslin, EH25 9QL
  • Guy Fawkes Street, Salford, M5 3FR
  • Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 1AA











Ten years after starting work in the AFD Software Post Room, Catherine is still here! Now working as a senior member of the sales administration team, Catherine enjoys the variety of the role and being part of a team delivering to strict timelines. Perhaps most importantly Catherine has a reputation for lubricating the team with the best tea in the office!

Catherine enjoys watching her 13 year old son Dylan (yes, named after Bob Dylan!) playing football and winning golf tournaments. She also gets plenty of exercise by walking Sonny and swimming three times a week.

A real family person, Catherine enjoys all-inclusive family holidays with loads of activities, oh… and shopping. On Sunday you will find her cooking Sunday roast and she loves to eat out - having food the family doesn't like. Favourite band: U2.






Over the past three months there have been significant updates to data on the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). These include 36 new localities; 6,943 new postcodes; 99,809 new delivery points and 30,586 delivery point changes.

These are all included in our latest Q.4/14 update which is
now available. The Q.4/14 Names & Numbers is due for release in November. You can order updates for any AFD solution by calling 01624 811711 or email



Any Questions? Call now on 01624 811711

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