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The Isle of Man is perhaps best known for the June TT motorbike racing – but there is much more to this small but beautiful Island.

It is a highly connected digital environment favoured by fast-growing ICT businesses and technology-dependent organisations wanting to serve effectively in a competitive global environment. It is also home to the expanding AFD Group including its technical support and research and development functions. Read more inside.

Did you know that Royal Mail and AFD Software work together to ensure that the freshest UK address data is carefully checked, processed and distributed? This work affects over 37,000 UK organisations. Read more inside.

Staying with Windows 2003 after Microsoft withdraw support? Planning to upgrade? Find out how AFD are ready to help you.


This publication has a frequent focus on real world data issues common to most organisations – and how they can be solved. You, our customers provide insight and tell your stories here – they are inspirational and help provide a wider picture of how AFD Software solutions are used.

This edition of Postcode News is different. A few weeks ago, Steve Burrows, IT strategy consultant and IT Journalist wanted to write about us. A refreshing change, so we gave him the freedom to share AFD’s story with you.

AFD Software is best known for providing postcode software which knows the correct address and postcode for every delivery address in the UK and across much of the globe, too.

This is used across a huge range of industries for validating new data entry into systems, cleaning customer databases in CRM, Sales Order Processing systems, validating new data entry into systems both in-house and when customers provide their address details.

AFD provides both product and service – they create software packages for specific business needs, and then supply the data needed by those packages, and enhancements on an ongoing basis. In fact with some products they provide their customers with up-to-date data every week.


Who are you?

AFD has also diversified from knowing where you live into knowing who you are with its Names & Numbers software. On top of the postal data they have sourced name data from the UK Electoral Register and other permitted sources to create software and databases of who lives where. 42 million people and a couple of million businesses – with details of the business size, turnover and a telephone number. This is extensively used in the finance sector for customer due diligence, in the legal and payment industries for debt collection and in many other types of organisation.


Banking on it

Also supporting payment activities, AFD supplies BankFinder software which checks bank sort codes, account numbers and card numbers to reduce data entry errors, fraudulent account details and the risk of uncollected payments.


On the move

AFD recognised the potential of hand-held devices and smartphones early, and have long provided versions of their software for mobile devices. Financial consultants, insurance agents and other travelling sales people are able to carry the entire UK address database and the names and contact details of most of the UK’s population in their pockets.

AFD Solutions based on Ordnance Survey data are also used by the drivers of some major parcel couriers to help them collect and deliver millions of parcels per day. These solutions are the basis for innovative services offering delivery within a one hour specified time-frame while also maximising the productivity of drivers and vehicles.


Patented Inventions

The core of AFD’s business is about ensuring that organisations have clean and accurate customer data – primarily for the UK but also for the USA and other major global markets with its WorldAddress software providing access to address data from over 200 nations.
It has patented technologies which eliminate the need to integrate solutions to applications – they just work – saving days of expensive and limited developer resources.



The company has over 40 staff developing and supporting its software, and continues to expand hence the recent acquisition of a new Headquarters. The new site benefits from multiple fibre optic, copper and microwave internet links and its own backup electricity generators making it an ideal location for the provision of internet based services – directors David and Alison Dorricott aspire to include a technology innovation hub on the site where ICT businesses can be incubated and mentored.


Steve Burrows is a chartered director, Fellow of the institute of Directors, Chartered IT Professional, and Fellow of BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.

He has worked in the business exploitation of digital technology for more than 30 years, is a well-respected CIO and IT strategy consultant, and vice chairman of the UK’s Effective Leadership in IT forum for IT leaders.






















































How to make your business more exciting... and save more and make more

Moving away from Windows 2003 may not be that easy. Mission-critical applications developed on that platform over time and often through a transition from 32bit to 64bit architecture represent a significant and ongoing investment. Moving these systems can be very time-consuming and expensive – that’s why so many organisations still use Windows 2003 for complex, core operational applications – even after the retirement of Windows XP.

Often these Windows 2003 applications include Name, Address and Bank data validation solutions. So, will AFD Software still support Windows 2003 beyond the retirement deadline? Yes! We understand – and we are committed to support you until you are ready to move.

However, if you are planning to upgrade - rest assured we also support all the latest versions of Windows and if you are looking at a wider upgrade or change in systems please do get in touch with AFD's friendly customer service team to discuss your requirements.







What is the most widely-recognised and used source and reference point for UK addresses?

Simple, the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF), which is a core part of all AFD Software name and address validation solutions.

At AFD we are heavily involved with Royal Mail in producing and distributing PAF. In addition to providing thousands of AFD Software customers with Name, Address and Bank validation solutions, we serve Royal Mail in a unique way. We do this by checking, processing and distributing the files on which over 37,000 organisations rely and which is accessed by millions of people during their everyday lives.

AFD can help every organisation, large and small, wherever names, address and bank data are used. Email to learn how we can help you -
or call 01624 811711.







Did you know that the last two letters of the Postcode for some major national newspapers match the title?

  • E98 1TT – The Times
  • SW1W 0DT – Daily Telegraph
  • E98 1ST – The Sunday Times
  • N1 9GU – The Guardian
  • E98 1SN – The Sun



James is studying Computer Games Development at Queen's University Belfast. The 4 years course is not just about playing games! Behind any decent game is some heavy duty programming and that is at the heart of the course.

When James arrived for his placement year at AFD Software he was quite nervous and wondered if he would be able to cope and meet expectation. “It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! I’ve learned how a team really operates, how to manage multiple projects. I have moved from an independent approach to a real understanding of what it means to be part of a team and how to relate to other functions within a software company. I’ve grown personally and had the opportunity to make a real contribution to the business through programming.”

Studying Computer Games Development, it’s no surprise that James has a passion for games – digital and board. Favourites include the Batman Arkham series and the strategy board game Risk.

Toughest challenge and greatest sense of achievement so far? “Working toward the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award involved a 4 day team hike in the Lake District. We had to plan everything, carry everything and endure getting absolutely drenched. I learned a lot about relationships under pressure!






Last quarter there were significant updates to data on the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). These included 22 new localities; 5,764 new postcodes; 82,977 new delivery points and 21,030 delivery point changes.

The most up to date data is available now in our latest Q.3/15 update. The Q.3/15 Names & Numbers is due for release in August. You can order updates for any AFD solution by calling 01624 811711 or


Any Questions? Call now on 01624 811711

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