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In today's money, £46 million was stolen during the Great Train Robbery of 1963. Yet this is small beer compared with the £2.2 billion in revenue that has been stolen from the UK's light rail and tram networks over the past ten years.

Read how AFD Software is helping transport operators to fight back. With AFD Mobile Products installed on Smart Phones, Tablet Computers and Mobile Devices for Android®, iOS® and Windows Mobile® a poor signal doesn't matter. Find out more inside.

Want to really know the condition of all the address data on your systems? Find out in this spring edition of Postcode News about our free, secure, address data health-check service.


Whenever you travel by train or tram, the ticket you pay for is subsidising those who don't pay. Neville Hilton, Revenue Protection Specialist at AFD Software, examines the changing face of revenue protection and how straightforward solutions can help operators lose less to the fare evaders.

In today's money, £46 million was stolen during the Great Train Robbery of 1963. Yet nearly 50 times that figure (£2.2 billion) in revenue has been stolen from the UK's light rail and tram networks over the past ten years – enough to pay for the new Nottingham Express Transit system four times over. This is a major crime by any standard, and one which is unfair to every investor, every transport group, every operator and every fare-paying passenger.

All this revenue is lost one person and one journey at a time, and an estimated 10% of journeys are not paid for. So what makes an effective revenue protection strategy, and what are the practical issues that need to be considered?

At AFD Software we have worked closely with major transport operators including First Group, National Express and Metrolink RATP Dev with our Pocket Names & Numbers software to underpin effective deterrence, increase the proportion of fines paid and prosecutions made.


Changing the game

Ten years ago a revenue protection officer would check the details of a passenger by telephoning a central office where an advisor (if not already swamped with calls) would leaf through hard copy directories looking to confirm the name and address details given. The time taken through this laborious process would delay and frustrate the passenger, sometimes leading to violent assaults! Thankfully, a lot has changed since then…

In 2005, AFD Names & Numbers was first introduced as a central component of revenue protections systems. It compresses the encrypted name and address details of over 42 million people in the UK into less than 1.5GB of data, making them instantly available and searchable on a handheld device. This is very useful when parts of the transport network have no internet access.



False information = No money

Speed of access is vital, both in terms of productivity and in protecting staff from customer impatience. Staff can combine their local knowledge with rapid, instant data retrieval with Names & Numbers. It's a powerful combination and enables careful questioning, which reduces the possibility of staff accepting false information. Accurate details mean more fines are collected and more prosecutions successfully made.


Word travels fast

If it's easy to avoid paying fares, or it's just cheaper to pay the occasional excess fine than buy a season ticket – word travels quickly via social media sites. More than ever a visible staff presence is required to deter avoidance and issue fines, along with an effective back office system that is able to actively follow through to collect fines and prosecute those who don't pay.

Consistency of approach by revenue protection staff is important and performance data needs to be collected and analysed so appropriate training interventions and coaching can be delivered. The days of rugby tackles are over, calming conflict and getting the right result without violence are key.


What does success look like?

If there was a formula for success in revenue protection, I think it would look like this:

(Passion + Process) * (IT + Management + Training + Frontline Staff + Enforcement + Prosecution + Publicity) = Revenue Protection Success.

It is the combination of these elements that brings in revenue through deterrence and prosecution. I see how Names & Numbers plays a hidden but practical and crucial role in strengthening each aspect of the revenue protection through delivering the information necessary to collect fines and to prosecute offenders – day after day.

As Ian Law, Head of Finance at Metrolink RATP Dev, told the Manchester Evening News: "Revenue generated from ticket sales goes back into running the system so our efforts are focused on creating an effective deterrent to travelling without a ticket. We believe that a failure to take this seriously would be a disservice to the honest, fare-paying customers who make up the majority of our passengers."

The AFD Mobile Product range is revolutionising mobile name, address and bank data validation for charities, finance, transport and revenue protection sectors. What could it do for you?



















































How to make your business more exciting... and save more and make more


AFD Mobile Products are proven in the field to speed up data entry on the move by up to 90% and minimise errors. The results include: better compliance for financial services, more prosecutions in revenue protection, higher donor acquisition rate for charities.

Entering name, address and bank data to smart phones and tablet computers can be slow and error-prone. Poor data affects every subsequent process. Low productivity costs money and causes staff and stakeholder frustration.

Once installed, no network or internet access is needed: AFD Mobile Products guarantee continued verification, lookup or data capture regardless of connectivity.



Choose from the names and addresses of 42 million people (c. 14 million with phone numbers), 2 million organisations (1.6 million with phone numbers), full Royal Mail PAF® data (over 29 million letterbox locations), street level address data (1.73 million street addresses), or UK bank data. All at your fingertips – for instant validation, rapid entry and searching.

AFD mobile solutions are available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. The powerful Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables developers to put the rich functionality of Names & Numbers, Postcode Plus, Postcode and BankFinder at the heart of mobile applications.


Business Benefits

  • Accurate data: less re-work, better service, objectives achieved
  • Work continues when network and internet access is unavailable
  • Fraud prevented: allows information provided to be checked and challenged
  • Faster results with up to 90% less typing - ideal for smart phones and tablet computers
  • Seamless integration with smart, tablet and mobile applications


To find out more visit where you can download evaluation software and see more details about the range. Call 01624 811711 and ask to speak to a mobile solutions expert.










If you are using address validation software you know that you are doing your best to ensure that all new data is being entered accurately. But what about address data that has been around a while or has managed to circumvent your best efforts to validate it at the point it was entered? In our experience a lot of people are convinced that their address data is fine and are shocked when we show them the results of their free data health-check. Are you curious?

Put yourself in the driving seat

Knowing the true condition of your address data puts you in control. Either it is fine, and you can be confident the measures you have in place are sufficient, or it needs to be improved and you can take steps to do so.

The free, secure, address data health-check service is designed to put you in the driving seat.

What will the quality report show me?

You will see what proportion of your data is already clean, what proportion can be cleaned automatically and what proportion could be cleansed with some manual intervention. The report will also list the common errors found in the data – for example poor spelling or missing information.

How do I get my data assesssed?

Simply get your data ready as a CSV file, zip it up and go to and follow the instructions. We keep your data secure and delete it after 15 days, giving you enough time to ask questions about the results – and us enough time to answer them! There is an FAQ section but if you have additional questions our team are ready to answer them personally.










Having studied computing and electrical engineering, in 2008 Kevin moved from sunny South Africa to the evergreen Isle of Man. In 2009, on a sea harbour fishing trip with a friend, he heard about AFD Software.

Kevin knocked on the door and personally gave his CV to the Managing Director – the first person ever to do this at AFD. He didn't catch any fish, but he did land a job!

Kevin enjoys surfing, dislikes football, and loves playing field hockey. He confesses to spending far too much time honing his computer gaming skills playing Diablo 3 with his brother and sister-in-law in South Korea.

At AFD Software, Kevin is part of the Software Quality Assurance Team, which is responsible for ensuring that all products developed by Research and Development go through a rigorous quality checking process before being used by customers.

Kevin is primarily responsible for testing core product updates and UNIX-based solutions. The biggest challenge is trying to "foresee the unforeseeable"!












AFD Software plan to cease support for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, and 2000 on 1st October 2014.

We are not aware of any customers currently using these platforms. If you are, please email our support team now:

Please note AFD Software continues to support all other subsequent Microsoft platforms.



Did you know that the most popular British spring flowers are often used within property names on Postcode Plus? Here's the top five:





Over the past three months there have been significant updates to data on the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). These include 43 new localities; 6,240 new postcodes; 97,206 new delivery points and 29,052 delivery point changes.

These are all included in our latest Q.2/14 update which is now available. The Q.2/14 Names & Numbers is due for release in May. The release is delayed to accommodate a later than usual collection of the Edited Electoral Roll.



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