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This information assumes you have installed and configured your device and have Microsoft ActiveSync® correctly configured to allow connectivity between your desktop PC or notebook and your handheld Pocket PC device.

  • Using a Desktop or Notebook Computer: 
    • Plug the secure digital card, compact flash, or other large capacity drive, into a card reader or (in the case of compact flash cards and notebooks) a PCMCIA adapter connected to your computer (the drive will normally be detected automatically and given a drive letter - refer to the manufacturers instructions if this is not the case).
    • Create a directory, afdpcnn (or another name of your choice), on that drive (it will have been allocated the next available drive letter on your machine) and copy the data files to that directory.
    • Remove the drive from your notebook and adapter and place it back into your Pocket PC device.
    • You can then delete the data files from your desktop PC.
  • Using ActiveSync:
    • With the device connected to your desktop/notebook PC and plugged into the mains supply, click on the Start button, and then Settings on the Pocket PC device.  Select the 'System' tab and then tap 'Power'.  Uncheck the 'Turn off device if not used for' option so that Power Saving does not kick in during the data copying process.
    • Open ActiveSync on your PC (double-click the green system-tray icon) and click Explore.  Double click on the 'My Pocket PC' entry and change to your Storage Card folder (normally called Storage Card).
    • Right click in the explorer window and select 'New Folder' to create a subfolder for the data and call it afdpcnn (or another name of your choice).  
    • Use explorer to copy the files from your desktop PC to this new folder on your device (this may take some time - if you have a Serial connection and not USB you may need to leave this copying overnight).
    • Once complete, delete the data files from your desktop PC and re-enable Power Saving on your device if desired.

The evaluation version of the program provides all the functionality of the full product with no limitations apart from containing fictional data, no hard drive or large memory card is required for evaluation data which is installed automatically by the installation routine.



Technical Support

The AFD range of software is carefully designed to be easy to use, and trouble free. Every product goes through an intensive testing process on every operating system we support. It is a credit to the team who develop and maintain AFD products that they work "out of the box" in tens of thousands of installations, and we receive surprisingly few customer support requests.

Nevertheless, customers do occasionally have difficulties with new or complex installations, new programming projects - or as a result of system damage such as virus attacks: so AFD has provided a friendly, efficient Technical Support service to ensure that everyone can get the maximum benefit from their AFD system.

AFD Technical Support is a free, unlimited service for everyone who is evaluating or using our products. Our team will help you with any aspect of the installation, configuration, programming or use of any of the AFD range of software. We'll even do our best to help and advise with difficulties you're having with software not our own - so long as it relates to the use of an AFD product.

Unfortunately, we cannot help with other hardware or software products.

The HelpDesk is manned Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm each weekday except holidays:

  • Email Supportis the best and first-choice method of support. Our support engineers will respond to an email within a few minutes - and certainly our aim is to reply within one hour of receipt. You can email us at or from our web site support page using our "Ask the HelpDesk" page which gives us most of the information we need before we respond, thus helping us to direct your enquiry to the correct support engineer. Email is also monitored outside normal office hours, each evening after 9:00pm and on holidays and at weekends (except Christmas Day) after 10:00am, 4:00pm and 9:00pm.

  • Telephone Support. Call our HelpDesk (Mon - Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm) on 01624 811712 to speak directly to one of our product experts. 

    We won't waste your time and money in a hold system: if all our operators are busy you will be transferred to our purpose built call-handling system. Please leave a message giving as many details of your problem as possible, plus your name, telephone number and product serial number if you have one. One of our qualified engineers will aim to return your call within 15 minutes - but no later than within the hour at exceptionally busy times.

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