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AFD Postcode Postcode

AFD Postcode Plus Postcode Plus

AFD Names and Numbers Names & Numbers

AFD Refiner Refiner

AFD BankFinder BankFinder

AFD Plotter Plotter

AFD MailSaver MailSaver

AFD ZipAddress ZipAddress

AFD ListMaker ListMaker

AFD Postcode Internet Postcode Internet

AFD Postcode Plus Internet Postcode Plus Internet

AFD BankFinder Internet BankFinder Internet

AFD ZipAddress Internet ZipAddress Internet

AFD Pocket Postcode Pocket Postcode

AFD Pocket Postcode Plus Pocket Postcode Plus

AFD Pocket Names and Numbers Pocket Names & Numbers

AFD Pocket Postcode Plotter Pocket Postcode Plotter

Developers - It is now possible to integrate with AFD's range of solutions using the new Common API. Details on the Common API can be found here

Useful extra examples and additional documentation for our software can be found here.

Postcode, Postcode Plotter, Postcode Plus and Refiner contain a restricted data set. Data is provided for part of Birmingham. Names & Numbers has a fictitious data set. In all cases example searches are provided.

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