Free DX address book cleansing

DX has partnered with address management specialist AFD Software, to bring you a free DX address cleansing service.

The service will check and append the latest DX Member addresses to your own data within 3 working days as standard. Simply follow these 3 easy steps:


Request the service by completing the form below


Securely submit your address book for DX address cleansing


Download the updated data, containing the very latest DX addresses

In addition, an AFD specialist will undertake a health check on your data and send you a free summary report, including any further recommendations.

Complete your details below to request your FREE DX address book cleanse:

Once submitted and approved, you will receive an email from AFD Software with details on how to upload your data securely. For information on how we will look after your data, click here.

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DX Address Book Cleansing Service - FAQ's

How do I submit my data?
To access this free service, you will need to complete a simple form. Once approved, AFD will email you with your account code and a link to enable you to use the service.  You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the service and upload your file via a secure SSL connection to the AFD server, and given a download key for your use once the data has been matched.

What fields do I need to supply?
Your data extract must include the following fields:
Full company name
Postal address, including full postcode
DX number (where available)
DX Exchange (where available)
Please also ensure you include any primary key or unique identifier you may require to re-import the updated data into your own system.

How can I be sure my data is secure?
The AFD Software website has a VeriSign SSL certificate. VeriSign is the leading secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority enabling secure e-commerce and communications for web sites, intranets, and extranets. Data is held on a secure area of a secure server which is not backed up and can only be accessed by the system and a maximum of 4 AFD security-cleared staff. To ensure the security and protection of your data, terms and conditions will apply to this service.  You will be asked to accept these terms before submitting your data.

How do I know when my data has been updated?
Once the DX matching process is complete (target turnaround within 3 working days of Customer upload as standard), you will be sent an email allowing you to download the file via an SSL connection using your account code and the key you were provided at the time of uploading the file.

How long will my updated data be available?
You will have up to fifteen working days following the email notification being sent to download your updated data.  After this time it will be deleted.

In what format can the data be supplied?
Data should be supplied as a Comma Delimited Text File (CSV file) with the first row containing the field names. This is a common file format which can be exported from most database platforms and spreadsheet packages, and helps keep the file size down. This file should be placed in a ZIP file to reduce the file-size when submitting it to the service. We are also willing to accept other ANSI or ASCII text formats as long as they contain a common field separator (e.g. a tab, pipe, tilder, etc.) and records are separated by a line feed, carriage return or both.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of records we can provide?
There are no address record minimum or maximum quantities required to use the DX Address Book Cleansing service. In fact we recommend you supply all address records from your database;  however, it is important that records are uploaded in a single file. If you hold records in a number of places, or need to export using a number of queries, the separate files produced will need to be combined. If this presents a difficulty please do contact . We recommend adding a column to the file to identify the source so that cleansed records can more easily be re-imported to your databases.

In what format will I receive the data back?
The data will be supplied back to you in a ZIP file containing a CSV (or ANSI / ASCII) file in the same format that was supplied to us. A DX Number and DX Exchange field will have been added to the data and populated where a match has been found.

What will the health check report tell me?
A health check on your address book will be conducted by an AFD specialist.  A PDF summary report on the general state of your database, the accuracy of your postcode addresses and any problems identified will be emailed to you.  AFD provide a range of address management solutions which may be able to provide further assistance to you in helping your firm maintain an accurate and healthy database.  These solutions are not part of this offer, but can be discussed directly with AFD.

Excel tells me that the file exceeds the maximum permitted length, why is that?
Please note that only delimited or CSV files should be submitted to this service. The service does not accept Excel files. Excel has an inbuilt size limit so if you are checking a CSV file by using Excel it will not display more than around 65,000 records. CSV flies have no upper limit so you can still submit the full file as exported from your database.

My data is across several systems, how can I upload multiple files?
Each Comma Delimited Text File (CSV file) must be uploaded separately in its own WinZip file to reduce the size. If more than one file is to be processed you must complete and submit a separate request form for each file. For each request form submitted a separate account code and download key will be provided. Please keep a record of these codes as they will be needed to download your cleansed data for each file submitted.

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