Postcode Evolution

The AFD Postcode Evolution Service is a server-side solution for accessing AFD datasets from either a server application, website or network clients. The service provides data in a flexible XML or JSON format which can be used in a wide range of applications and development environments.

A simple GET request to the service with your search parameters will return address data, bank data or validate account, card, phone or email details in XML or JSON format. Making it easy to parse with any standard XML or JSON parser.

Get Started

We offer both a hosted version of PCE and a local installed version. To get started with either of these please request an evaluation.


Get Postcode Evolution

Postcode Evolution Service Installer

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Quick Example

An example request for a single postcode lookup will look like this:

And will collect a collection of items that look like this:

<Item value="1">
	<Postcode>B6 4AA</Postcode>
	<Key>B6 4AA1001</Key>
		B6 4AA Royal Mail, Birmingham Mail Centre, St. Stephens Street, BIRMINGHAM

The fields in the original GET request have the following meaning:

  • Serial - Credential supplied by AFD
  • Password - Credential supplied by AFD
  • UserID - The ID of your application
  • Data - The kind of data that you are looking up, in our case we are looking up Address data
  • Task - The type of task that you are performing, different options are available depending on the lookup data provided
  • Fields - The fields that you would like to have returned, the "list" option returns the bare minimum number of fields for each entry.
  • Lookup - The lookup data provided by the user

To retrieve a detailed entry for a particular result we can change some of the parameters:

Which will return the full record for the selected address:

<Item value="1">
	<Organisation>Royal Mail</Organisation>
	<Property>Birmingham Mail Centre</Property>
	<Street>St. Stephens Street</Street>
	<Postcode>B6 4AA</Postcode>
	<UrbanRuralName>Urban Major Conurbation</UrbanRuralName>
	<Constituency>Birmingham, Ladywood</Constituency>
	<EERName>West Midlands</EERName>
	<OccupancyDescription>Large User Organisation</OccupancyDescription>
	<NHSName>West Midlands</NHSName>
	<NHSRegionName>Midlands and Eastern</NHSRegionName>
	<PCTName>Sandwell and West Birmingham</PCTName>
	<Affluence>Not classified</Affluence>
		Many organisations mixed with low, transient population
		Consumer commercial centres and offices. Much of this segment arises from business related sources, plus some unidentified residential properties
	<Product>AFD Postcode Plus</Product>
	<Key>B6 4AA1001</Key>
		B6 4AA Royal Mail, Birmingham Mail Centre, St. Stephens Street, BIRMINGHAM
	<Country>United Kingdom</Country>

Our extensive list of parameters and fields gives developers flexibility in their implementation and are fully documented in our user manuals.