Instant Web Integration

Our Instant Web Integration allows instant integration of Postcode lookup into any web page simply by adding two lines of JavaScript.

It can also be integrated through client-side browser add-ons or an apache proxy.


Simply add Postcode lookup to any existing webpage by adding a couple of lines of JavaScript to the page:

AFD Web Integration is also fully customisable for developers carrying out a full integration. Developers have access to a full set of options to alter how it works. AFD Web Integration is a JavaScript implementation with AJAX calls to AFD’s server to retrieve results.

Key features of RobotWeb:

  • Automatically detects when a postcode is entered into a field and triggers a lookup based on that postcode.
  • Validates bank details and card numbers when used in conjunction with a Bankfinder licence.
  • Email validation via hotkeys or HTML buttons
  • Reverse address searching (e.g. “Commercial Street,Birmingham”) in case the postcode is not available
  • HotKeys that can be set to trigger lookups when automatic detection is not desired
  • Not just addresses - RobotWeb gives you access to the full set of PCE fields

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Get Started

You can get up and running quickly with little developer time needed.

First get in touch with us to request an evaluation licence for RobotWeb:


Then simply insert the following lines of code into any webpage with a form:

    var afdRobotOptions = {
        id : 'YOUR ID HERE',
        token : 'YOUR TOKEN HERE',
        autoFields : true
<script src="//[version].js"></script>

For server-side integrations consider our XML or JSON services instead.