For PowerBuilder development you can use our Postcode Evolution service which is a server-side solution for accessing AFD datasets from either a server application, website or network clients. The service data is in a flexible XML or JSON/JSONP format which can be easily used via PowerBuilder scripts.

We provide both a hosted service and an installed service that you can install on your own server.

Get Started

Hosted Solution

To get started with our Evolution hosted solution request an evaluation.


Installed Solution

If you are looking for an installed solution you can download the Windows installer:

Postcode Evolution Service Installer

Download - Windows


If you are looking for a UNIX based solution, please contact us using the form above.


Our code wizard will produce sample Borland C++ or C# code that you can use as a starting point for your integration:

AFD SDK Wizard

Download - Windows


Note that while this is a Windows download, the generated code can be used on any platform including UNIX