Name and Address Validation

Access to UK adult resident and organisation names and telephone numbers meets a legitimate business need to establish identity, reduce fraud, drive marketing activity and recover debts.

Name and Address Validation

Name and Address Validation

Fraud Reduction & Revenue Protection

Fraud is expensive. Our solutions deter fraud by enabling inexpensive basic screening as part of order processing on the web, in the call centre and in-store. They also protect revenue in the public transport sector.

Read how Greater Manchester Passenger Transport have done this. Find out more...

Name and Address Validation

Tracing & Debt Recovery

When you need to find a witness to an accident, or to locate someone to unite them with money from a forgotten savings account, our solutions are at work.

They also help Yorkshire Water recover debts, so that paying-customers don't end up subsidising those who won't. Find out more...

Name and Address Validation

Reputation Protection

Incorrect spelling of personal or business names creates a poor impression, can damage reputation and lead to legal issues. The accurate data within AFD solutions helps avoid these consequences in many sectors.

See how Thomas Sanderson Blinds use AFD to avoid irritating prospective customers with simple errors – and minimise wait times at peak periods in their call centre. Find out more...

Name and Address Validation

Even Faster Data Entry

Most people know that rapid address entry software saves time and money. With our residential names included, a postcode lookup or address search returns more data – making data capture even faster.

Learn how AFD solutions cut queues and increase revenue at Chester Zoo. Find out more...

Name and Address Validation

Business to Business Marketing (B2B)

Understand the extent of potential in sectors you are targeting.

Build a strategy and then build profitable new business by using tested, accurate organisation data to contact potential customers.

Name and Address Validation

Business to Consumer Marketing (B2C)

Our solutions include geodemographic classification and geographic selection tools.

You can zero in on your targets intelligently based on location, affluence and life-stage.

Name and Address Validation

Where is it from?

The business, residential, telephone, address and other data in our solutions is drawn wide range of carefully selected partners and sources. It is valid, compliant, licensed, controlled and regularly updated. Sources include Credit Reference Agencies, Office of National Statistics, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail.

Name and Address Validation

What’s in it?

Almost all 2.2 million organisation data records are complete with telephone numbers, the actual or imputed employee size, turnover banding, and user-friendly business classification and SIC code.

The 37.6 million residential data records include length of residency and geodemographic classification. This indicates relative affluence, life-stage and life-style at postcode, property or individual level.

Over 11.9 million of the records have a telephone number.


Developers are under pressure. Our developers know that. That’s why they have created integration tools that minimise effort – and maximise results. Our postcode lookup API is ready for integration on Windows, Unix, iOS and Android platforms. Our address management software will work with your application and we’ve got sample code ready in the languages you use. If we don’t have it - we’ll build it.

Popular integration platforms include:

Name and Address Validation

Developer-Free Integration

Our patented Robot® technology provides developer-free integration that can be easily made to work even with legacy systems or those with no programming access.

Name and Address Validation


Buildings go up and come down. Houses become apartments. Addresses get amended. It is easy to forget to update data. That's why our solutions update themselves automatically – saving your IT staff time and ensuring fresh data is always ready to use.

Name and Address Validation

Transparent pricing and licensing

Has the cost of your current solution risen?
Do you fully understand what you are licenced for?

Our transparent approach to licensing ensures you know exactly what you can use the solution for. We offer price stability, allowing you to budget with confidence and accommodate changing requirements with ease.