Fast, Accurate Address Entry

Address accuracy saves time and money. It is the backbone of excellent service, customer retention, duplicate prevention, analysis, enhanced reputation and more profitable business performance.

Fast, Accurate Address Entry

Fast, Accurate Address Entry


Many UK addresses are ‘odd’, complicated and not as expected – manual mistakes are easy. Our solutions eliminate errors by providing letterbox level accuracy based on the very best data sources – Royal Mail PAF® and Ordnance Survey AddressBase®.

Rapidly growing wine merchants Corney & Barrow implemented our solutions to ensure that their address data is accurate. Find out more...

Fast, Accurate Address Entry


Typing addresses is slow. With our solutions it is lightning fast - which cuts call queues, and makes web forms easy to fill.

How? Because users find a full address from just a postcode or any address fragment. You can take more orders, in less time. MTA Solicitors save up to 100 man hours a month using our address entry solution. Find out more...

Fast, Accurate Address Entry


Not all customers know the address you need. Find it and check it with our full official address solutions based on over 30 million addresses from PAF or OS data.

UK's leading debt charity, StepChange, use AFD FastFind in their call centre to easily find and validate difficult addresses. Find out more....

Fast, Accurate Address Entry


Putting data in the wrong field can affect data filtering, searching, selection and analysis. If searching for a Town name in the 'Post Town' field, towns placed in the Locality or County field may not be identified. Some databases have insufficient fields so address data has to be concatenated (put together in the same field).

AFD Solutions can be configured to prevent and put right these issues.

Fast, Accurate Address Entry

Duplicate Prevention

Inconsistent addresses can lead to the creation of duplicate records, confusion, waste and even lead to individuals or organisations circumventing credit limits. Our solutions put you back in control by resolving and preventing duplicate records.


Developers are under pressure. Our developers know that. That’s why they have created integration tools that minimise effort – and maximise results. Our postcode lookup API is ready for integration on Windows, Unix, iOS and Android platforms. Our address management software will work with your application and we’ve got sample code ready in the languages you use. If we don’t have it - we’ll build it.

Popular integration platforms include:

Fast, Accurate Address Entry

Developer-Free Integration

Our patented Robot® technology provides developer-free integration that can be easily made to work even with legacy systems or those with no programming access.

Fast, Accurate Address Entry


Buildings go up and come down. Houses become apartments. Addresses get amended. It is easy to forget to update data. That's why our solutions update themselves automatically – saving your IT staff time and ensuring fresh data is always ready to use.

Fast, Accurate Address Entry

Transparent pricing and licensing

Has the cost of your current solution risen?
Do you fully understand what you are licenced for?

Our transparent approach to licensing ensures you know exactly what you can use the solution for. We offer price stability, allowing you to budget with confidence and accommodate changing requirements with ease.