Cleanse Address Databases

Maintaining a clean, duplicate-free customer, supporter, member or prospect address database is foundational to effective marketing, high quality service and on-time delivery.

Cleansed addresses make access to Royal Mail postage discounts possible and data analysis more reliable. This protects reputation and supports sound financial management.

Cleanse Address Databases

Cleanse Address Databases

Delivering accurate, complete, formatted address data.

Common address data problems include poor spelling, inconsistent use of fields and formatting, and missing, inaccurate or incomplete postcodes.

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Cleanse Address Databases

Automatic Address Data Cleansing

AFD solutions help solve these problems affordably with the highest automated match rates and a simple, clever interface for fast, supported, interactive cleansing.

If you need to deliver letters, packets, parcels or pallets - we can ensure you minimise delivery costs and maximise levels of service - through better data. Read how leading independent mail, parcels and end to end logistics network operator DX is using AFD solutions to achieve competitive advantage. Find out more...

Cleanse Address Databases


Duplicate customer records cause confusion by preventing a 'single customer view'. They cause waste and embarrassment when the same mailing is sent to the same customer multiple times. They cause financial issues when credit is inadvertently extended multiple times to the same individual or organisations.

AFD solutions enable easy deduplication by identifying potential duplicate customer or prospect records.

Cleanse Address Databases

Geocoding and Appending

Our cleansing solutions come with valuable data that can be appended in the same pass as cleansing. For example:

  • Grid references enable visualisation and “where’s my nearest” functions.
  • Affluence and life-stage indicators (geodemographic codes) enable profiling, analysis, insight and better directed marketing resources.
  • Just Built data identifies newly built properties who tend to spend more on services and products.


Developers are under pressure. Our developers know that. That’s why they have created integration tools that minimise effort – and maximise results. Our postcode lookup API is ready for integration on Windows, Unix, iOS and Android platforms. Our address management software will work with your application and we’ve got sample code ready in the languages you use. If we don’t have it - we’ll build it.

Popular integration platforms include:

Cleanse Address Databases


Buildings go up and come down. Houses become apartments. Addresses get amended. It is easy to forget to update data. That’s why our solutions update themselves automatically – saving your IT staff time and ensuring fresh data is always ready to use.

Cleanse Address Databases

Transparent pricing and licensing

Has the cost of your current solution risen?
Do you fully understand what you are licenced for?

Our transparent approach to licensing ensures you know exactly what you can use the solution for. We offer price stability, allowing you to budget with confidence and accommodate changing requirements with ease.