Check Bank & Card Details

Successful electronic payments require precise, accurate bank account numbers, sort codes or credit and debit card numbers. But people make mistakes when reading them, writing them down or keying them in.

Some even try to delay payment or defraud by introducing deliberate errors.

Check Bank & Card Details

Check Bank & Card Details

Electronic Payment Data Validation

AFD’s banking solutions are designed to prevent delayed or permanently lost revenue, recovery costs, re-processing costs and the customer perception of incompetence and poor service.

Check Bank & Card Details

Minimise Transaction Failure and Fraud

The best place to stop Direct Debit, Standing Order or Card transaction failure or fraud occurring is at the point where data is entered. Our BACS based solutions do this. They instantly check UK and Irish bank sort codes and account codes using the latest sophisticated banking algorithms and data.

Where an account is unlikely to take a Direct Debit, this is indicated. The user receives immediate feedback so that corrections can be made – on the website, in the call centre, in the administration team and even on the street

Check Bank & Card Details

Financial Compliance and Best Practice

Compliant with Electronic Payment best practice, our solutions are automatically updated weekly with the latest data from the UK and Eire banking systems. Our solutions are widely used in the insurance, retail, utility, banking and charity sectors – enabling paperless direct debit compliance.

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Check Bank & Card Details

Improved Service and Cash Flow

With our banking solutions the cases where goods have not been sent because payment could not be processed due to one wrong digit can now be minimised, if not eliminated.

The costs of re-contacting the customer, reprocessing payment or even losing business or ongoing payments for ever are saved.


Developers are under pressure. Our developers know that. That’s why they have created integration tools that minimise effort – and maximise results. Our postcode lookup API is ready for integration on Windows, Unix, iOS and Android platforms. Our address management software will work with your application and we’ve got sample code ready in the languages you use. If we don’t have it - we’ll build it.

Popular integration platforms include:

Check Bank & Card Details

Developer-Free Integration

Our patented Robot® technology provides developer-free integration that can be easily made to work even with legacy systems or those with no programming access.

Check Bank & Card Details


It is easy to forget to update data. That’s why our solution updates itself weekly, automatically – saving your IT staff time and ensuring fresh data is always ready to use.

Check Bank & Card Details

Transparent pricing and licensing

Has the cost of your current solution risen?
Do you fully understand what you are licenced for?

Our transparent approach to licensing ensures you know exactly what you can use the solution for. We offer price stability, allowing you to budget with confidence and accommodate changing requirements with ease.