AFD Postcode Internet Online

Make it faster and easier for visitors to leave accurate address and bank details on your site. That way you can deliver the goods and collect the money! Preventing errors in the entry of card numbers, account numbers and bank details means preventing problems. High quality address data, shorter web forms, successful delivery. Good for your reputation and good for cash flow.

  • Instantly display an accurate UK Street Address from just a Postcode
  • Find a valid address and postcode from a partial address - instantly
  • Check credit / debit card numbers
  • Check bank and account details

Please note that this service is exclusively for use on your public Internet Website(s) for the entry or checking of address information and validating bank details only by your customers. The Service does NOT permit the use or display of The Product on Intranet sites, Extranet Websites, Private Networks, Websites not your own, Websites for which any Fee (or payment in kind) is charged, nor for access to The Product from your computers.

Need International address validation too? Try AFD WorldAddress - address validation for the UK and upto 250 countries by calling World Address sales enquiries on 01624 811711.


Postcode Internet Online can be integrated to your web site using practically any web programming language (e.g. ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, Python). Results are returned in an XML format and a .NET compatible web service is also available.

Postcode Internet Online is driven by XML technology, and provides seamless integration in to your site.

For more information, see Postcode Evolution

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Business Benefits

  • Flexible implementation for web designers and developers
  • Easy integration into web forms
  • AFD handle updates and maintenance
  • Speeds up tedious form filling
  • Saves up to 80% of keystrokes entering addresses
  • Consistent, verified addresses data is collected and stored
  • Makes sophisticated checks affordable to almost any organisations
  • Improve customer service
  • No space used on your server
  • Proven, reliable service with current availability at over 99.98 %
  • Postcode Internet Online for UK and UK Bank validation
  • PIO with World Address for worldwide address validation

Why is the Online Service especially useful for web sites on hosted servers?

Normally web hosting companies will charge for the space used or will have a space restriction. The Postcode database consists of 31,254,411 address records and therefore takes up a lot of space. The online service means we host the data. The way the service works means there is no need to obtain ISP or web host permission prior to adding Postcode Internet Online to web pages or forms.

What makes the online service so ideal for e-commerce providers and e-stores?

A lot of organisations establishing a web presence want the benefits of consistent, accurate address data and easier form fill, without being tied to the usual annual contract. Online lets them do exactly that.

Why do Web Designers incorporate Postcode Internet Online?

Postcode Internet Online supports the web designer’s aim of making e-commerce, online shopping etc enjoyable and simple. Buyers merely enter the postcode and the street address is automatically completed - quickly!

How does it work?

The Online enabled web page sends the address search or lookup request to the AFD Postcode-Everywhere server which instantly completes the address and returns it in XML format - ready for use and display - any way you choose. The web browser is even unaware that a "conversation" has taken place with the AFD Postcode Internet Online Server.


  • Fast, comprehensive address entry and bank, accounts and card validation on any web page or form on any web server
  • Full delivery data on 31,254,411 UK addresses with valuable extra data as supplied with Postcode Plus
  • Reverse Search: type in only partial address information to receive a full postcoded UK address
  • NEW WorldAddress Option covering 250 countries
  • Address search and transfer techniques use minimal bandwidth ensuring a rapid service

System Requirements:

The online service can be used by anyone with a web site and web programming language, such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl or Python.

Terms and Conditions

Click here for the full Postcode Internet Online Terms and Conditions

Data Included with Postcode Internet Online

Data is sourced directly from BACS and other sources. All address are verified against Royal Mail PAF

  • Organisation
  • Property
  • Street
  • Locality
  • Town
  • County (Postal, Traditional, Optional, Abbreviated or Administrative)
  • Postcode
  • DPS (Delivery Point Suffix)
  • STD Codes
  • Grid Easting and Northing
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Mailsort Code
  • Household Count
  • Local or Unitary Authority
  • Ward Code
  • Ward Name
  • Constituency
  • T.V. Region (not company)
  • NHS Code
  • NHS Area
  • NHS Region Code
  • NHS Region Name
  • Occupancy / Address type indicator
  • Censation™ Geodemographic Data

Bank Details

  • Bank Status (ie active)
  • Sort Code
  • Sort Code Suffix
  • Bank BIC
  • Branch BIC
  • Branch Name
  • Branch Title
  • Location
  • Owner Bank
  • Central Bank
  • Supervisory
  • Main Branch
  • Branch Type
  • Full Postal Address


  • Status (BACS, CHAPS £/€, C&CCC)
  • Last Change (BACS, CHAPS £/€, C&CCC)
  • Closed Clearing (BACS, CHAPS £&€, C&CCC)
  • Settlement Bank Detail (BACS, CHAPS £/€, C&CCC)
  • Redirected from / to (BACS)
  • Handling Bank (BACS)
  • Stream (BACS)
  • Transactions Allowed (check list) (BACS)
  • Account Numbered Flag (BACS)
  • DDI Voucher Required Flag (BACS)
  • Routing Bank (CHAPS)
  • Return (CHAPS)
  • Branch (CHAPS)
  • Debit Agency (C&CCC)
  • Return Indicator (C&CCC)

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