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AFD Pocket BankFinder

Pocket BankFinder® validates account and card details at the point of entry to speed up data capture, prevent errors and highlight potential fraud. With accurate payment details risk of rejected payments is minimised and cost of after the event correction is eliminated.

For Direct Debits, Standing Orders and Payment Transfers BankFinder will validate account numbers and sort code details, normalising any non-standard account numbers.

BankFinder helps you to comply with payment industry requirement by providing monthly update .deliver better customer service, sound financial administration, improved accuracy, lower rejection rates and lower costs.

Applying updates is essential to proper verification and checking of bank data. Pocket BankFinder helps you to comply with payment industry requirements by providing monthly updates and ensuring that any BACS emergency updates are processed by AFD and distributed without charge within 24 hours.

On entry of the Sort Code and account number Pocket BankFinder will provide full bank details and check that the account number relates to the sort code provided. Enter credit or debit card details and BankFinder will check the number is valid and return the card type for confirmation.

Business Benefits

  • Bank, Account and Card details checked on data entry
  • Makes sophisticated checks affordable to all organisations
  • Cut cost of delayed processing (up to £20 per delayed form)
  • Avoid losses from failed transactions
  • Highlight potential fraud
  • Speed up collection of bank related data and improve customer service
  • Monthly updates

For Developers

Download the Android version here and contact us for free expert advice for other platforms. See the full range of mobile solutions here.


  • Integrates with "Paperless Direct Debit" Systems
  • Enable quick, accurate completion of user payment details
  • Check account number validity for bank branch
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) validation
  • Identify card type (eg. Visa, AMEX, Maestro)
  • Normalise account numbers to 8 digits
  • Check sort code exists and is 'live'
  • Identify and correct errors in bank details
  • Reverse Search from street & town, STD code, partial postcode or county
  • Advanced Searches include sounds like, ends with and wild card replacement of hard to read characters

System Requirements:

  • Android: Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and Kit Kat.
  • iOS: iOS 4.3 through to iOS 7.1.
  • Windows Mobile: Windows CE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile.

Approx. 25MB free space for installation.

Data Included with BankFinder

Data is sourced directly from BACS and other sources. All address are verified against Royal Mail PAF

Bank Details

  • Bank Status (ie active)
  • Sort Code
  • Sort Code Suffix
  • Bank BIC
  • Branch BIC
  • Branch Name
  • Branch Title
  • Location
  • Owner Bank
  • Central Bank
  • Supervisory
  • Main Branch
  • Branch Type
  • Full Postal Address


  • Status (BACS, CHAPS £/€, C&CCC)
  • Last Change (BACS, CHAPS £/€, C&CCC)
  • Closed Clearing (BACS, CHAPS £&€, C&CCC)
  • Settlement Bank Detail (BACS, CHAPS £/€, C&CCC)
  • Redirected from / to (BACS)
  • Handling Bank (BACS)
  • Stream (BACS)
  • Transactions Allowed (check list) (BACS)
  • Account Numbered Flag (BACS)
  • DDI Voucher Required Flag (BACS)
  • Routing Bank (CHAPS)
  • Return (CHAPS)
  • Branch (CHAPS)
  • Debit Agency (C&CCC)
  • Return Indicator (C&CCC)

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Pocket BankFinder Evaluation

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