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Entering data to smart phones, tablets and mobile devices can be slow and error prone. Poor data affects every subsequent process. Low productivity costs money and causes staff and stakeholder frustration.

AFD Pocket Postcode speeds up data entry on-the-move by up to 80%, and minimises errors. It is used extensively in field marketing, retail, charity and transport sectors to make address data collection fast and accurate. No network or internet access is needed. Pocket Postcode guarantees continued verification, lookup or data capture on-the-move.

AFD Pocket Postcode uses Royal Mail street level PAF® (over 1.73 million postcodes) for fast, affordable and easy access to address data – from just the postcode.  All compressed to a tiny 20 MB footprint.

Postcode is ready for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile – all proven in the field. The powerful Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables developers to put the rich functionality of Postcode at the heart of mobile applications.

Business Benefits:

For Developers

Download the Android version here and contact us for free expert advice for other platforms. See the full range of mobile solutions here.

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