AFD Robot®

Do you want rapid, accurate name and address entry and the validation of bank account and card details?

Robot works with almost any desktop Windows or web application.


What does Robot do? Robot enables you to have essential rapid, validated data entry for your organisations’ internal staff and external site visitors.

Do you want rapid, accurate name and address entry and the validation of bank account and card details?

Robot detects a postcode entered into any Windows® desktop or web application and automatically delivers the accurate address.

Annoying pop-up address entry windows are eliminated - saving time and effort.

For developers just two lines of code gets you started, and there is a wealth of features beyond the basics.

Proven in thousands of locations, the patented AFD Robot technology has been saving integration time time and delivering accurate data faster for over ten years.

It is ready for use with AFD Postcode, Postcode Plus, Names & Numbers and BankFinder.

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If you are an existing user – read the FAQ section below. Then to proceed, just download and install Robot along with the relevant guide.



AFD Robot Desktop Installer

Download - Windows

AFD Robot Evolution Installer

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  • What is Robot?

    AFD Robot makes name, address and bank data entry and validation quick and simple. For example, to insert an address into your application, just type the postcode and Robot inserts the address into the correct fields.

  • Do I need Robot?

    There are lots of ways to use AFD Address and Bank data management programmes. If your system is working just as you want it, there is no need to do anything.

    If you’d like all the advantages of AFD products within new applications – or want to use them in different ways, Robot can help make that quicker and easier.

  • Does it do more than look up postcodes?

    It has a "FastFind" feature that can also search for addresses even if you don’t know the postcode. In addition, Bank account and card number validation is available using Robot, right within your application.

  • I’ve never used Robot, will it work with my application?

    Yes. Robot works with almost all Windows applications without the need for setup. Special versions of Robot are also available for web browsers and as an API for developers.

  • I use original Robot – can I use the new version?

    If you are already up-and-running, there is no advantage to changing. If you would like to use Robot in new ways, why not chat to our Technical team on 01624 811712 who can advise you on the best approach.

  • I use original Robot, why change to the new version?

    You’re right – no need to change at all.

    If however, you want to use Robot in new applications, the new version might help. Why not chat to our Technical team on 01624 811712 who can advise you on the best approach.

  • I don’t know which version of Robot I’m using – or if I use it at all

    That’s the best news – if everything is working just as you want, there’s no need to change anything.

  • I use original Robot with both Windows and Browser applications, will the new one do the same?

    If your systems are working just as you want them, there is no need to change.

    If you are developing new applications, the new version will make this faster and easier.

    For browser based applications download Robot and use it in conjunction with the Web API guide. Alternatively ask for a Robot browser plug-in or Proxy Server integration available from our Technical Support team.

  • What if there is a particular application where Robot doesn’t work?

    In such a rare case you can tweak Robot using the straight-forward drag and drop interface. Please see the Desktop user guide or speak to our Technical team on 01624 811712.

  • I use the AFD Evolution Server, will Robot work in a server environment?

    Robot now supports AFD Evolution Server, which makes deployment easier for larger numbers of users.

  • Can I roll back to the older version of Robot if I need to?

    If you want to roll back, there is an option in the new Robot to revert to the previous version, which will have your settings as you left them.

  • I don’t have development access to my browser based application or that of our suppliers, can I still use Robot?

    Yes. Contact AFD Technical Support on 01624 821712 and ask for a Browser plug-in or Proxy Server integration.

  • Will Robot cost me any extra?

    No. If you already have a supported AFD product, Robot is available as a free add-on.

  • What System requirements does Robot need?

    Robot works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Microsoft Servers.